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What services can a locksmith provide?

Locksmiths are most well-known for dealing with lockouts, but their services go beyond lock picking.

Locksmith Services

Security experts can provide services such as lock changes, lock repairs, lock replacement and installing new locks or re keying - a method where the lock system is altered to only open for a new key, a cheaper solution then installing a full new lock. Re key services are also often done when a client specifically wants to keep the original lock but requires a new one for security reasons. Locksmiths can also provide security advice and help with fixing and installing security systems such as alarms, CCTV and entry access systems. We combine our expert locksmithing knowledge with our local experience to provide a tailored solution - one that only a locksmith Rotherham can provide!

Auto Locksmiths

Professional auto locksmiths provide locksmith services to all vehicle types including car lockouts and recoding the transponder code when duplicating a key.

Commercial Locksmith Services

For commercial clients most Tone Locksmiths of Rotherham offer a master suite locking solution, which will allow the business owner to open all the locks in his property with the same key, be it the front door or a warehouse. An office requires different locking systems and a professional locksmith in South Yorkshire can always help you with a digital or remote control lock installation for your company.

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